Friday, August 29, 2014

New Attempt

Its been so long since I tried to work on anything, and now I am getting so annoyed at not having made anything.  Now, the original idea, at first, I thought I would scrap for something 'easier'.  Now, in trying to build I have gotten a different game now.  Now, its still in pygame, and much of the code from the old project is going to come back, for I have no interest in reinventing the wheel.

Now, how much of the old idea will still be in?  Hard to say at this point.  Now, what I do know, is while trying to make the new game, I have been looking at sprites of Arianna, thinking that she can be reused somehow in the retooling.

So, now the game is going to be more Zelda-like than the old game idea planned to be, where the main character fights her way out of a dungeon she has been imprisoned in, starting with getting past guards in a dark cell.  Much of the game would revolve around the main character changing as she moves through the dungeon, becoming a different person as she leaves.

Well, if anyone was ever reading... stay tuned.